How Internet Trolls You! : Journey From Zero To Hero.

The Internet has become a very crucial part of our lives. The first thing we wake up and do in the morning is taking our cell phones and checking social media apps or news updates. We spend hours on the internet without us caring about that. We like posts, comment on them, share them, and we upload posts too. But sometimes this can be a risky affair. Don’t believe it? Read this blog till the end, to find out the evil truth.

Disclaimer: This is based on a real-life incident.

What Exactly Happened?

A few days back, Dia Mirza shared a post about her pregnancy on Instagram. Many users commented on her posts and so did I. Few congratulated her, and rest trolled her. I did neither of the above but still, I was named as a “TROLL.” I just asked a question and eventually, she replied.

(Check the picture attached below to know what I commented and what she replied.)


DiaMirza Troll Comments Troll Girl

I just wanted to know why didn’t she broke this stereotype where a woman needs to be married to have kids even though she was pregnant way before she got married! But she clarified my doubt and she said, she had some medical issues and she didn’t want to tell this earlier until it was confirmed. And that must have been the end of the chapter. But no, this can’t happen. People started replying to her reply and on my comment. Most of the news media sites, digital publishing sites, and Instagram handles wrote posts, blogs, news and etc., about the same. Videos were talking about my comment.

If you go and Google search “Dia Mirza pregnancy troll” you will find people talking about me.

What Went Wrong?

Following are the things that went wrong:

  • News media sites and channels making it an issue and creating posts and blogs about my comment.
  • Moreover, they showed me my Instagram handle (which is inappropriate and unethical). They could have blurred my id.
  • To protect one celebrity who is a woman, they framed a common girl.
  • Why only my comment got so viral? (because Dia Mirza replied?)
  • I got so many direct messages from random people saying that you got famous and all. I don’t want to become famous and not at least by commenting.
  • People commented bad shits about me. People abused me and threatened me.
  • I got many friend requests from people I don’t even know just because of my handle shown in the blogs and posts.

What Should Have Happened?

What I comment on is no one’s business and this must not have become an issue. Also, no one has the right to use my account handle or my name without me knowing. This was my personal account they were talking about. One day I saw posts from one account and the next day there were more posts and news blogs about me. I emailed few accounts about the issue but then I realized there was more to this story than I expected. One Instagram handle took down the post because I asked them to and later it didn’t matter though.

Today, news media is so busy getting the news first or breaking it first that they have lost their moral values. They need news and they can make anything as news. If you don’t think this, tell me if my comment and Dia’s reply really a news piece? This is mere gossip material. You can’t make a comment on a post of a celebrity, news piece. If this becomes the case, there will be hundreds of news on just one post by a celebrity.

Instagram needs to make stringent policies and algorithms against using someone else’s handle without their permission in a picture. I tried complaining about the posts where my name was shown and Instagram said, “it doesn’t violate our policies.” There was no helpline number or email address where I could have a complaint about such posts.

What I Have To Say?

I still don’t believe what was so wrong about my comment and I hereby stand with whatever I commented. But they took it in the wrong way. I had my own doubts and I asked. She replied to inform me, not to target me and I was okay with what she responded. But framing me, for no specific reason is bad. It’s wrong. My family members still don’t know about this issue. My friends said that it is just a matter of few days, everyone will forget about this in a week or so and hence I chose not to respond to any bad comments or messages. I stayed calm and tried to decrease the impact of whatever happened. Also, why would I use my real account to troll her or abuse her? I have seen people using their fake accounts to do this and if my intention was bad, I would have made a fake account to do so. After all, what does it takes to make an account!

I never commented to harm Dia’s reputation or abuse her. My intentions weren’t wrong. But I was put in a position where people thought I was wrong. I read people tell her that she is faster than Hardik Pandya, she got pregnant before her marriage,  how can she do that and so on! First of all, this is no one’s business (not even mine) when anyone gets married or plan for a baby. This is their personal life and personal choice. We don’t have any right to slam them or question them. Secondly, because one news site wrote about my comment, everyone followed it and fell into the pit. No one cared whom they were harming, whom they were slamming.


It is so easy to blame any woman for her actions. No one judge if a man is doing something unexpected. We still believe in stereotypes. We still are patriarchal. But we need to change. We need to respect someone’s privacy and their lives. We need to stop interfering in other people’s life.

So, please just let people do whatever they want to do in their lives. Don’t abuse anyone or harm anyone with your actions. Comment with a good intention and state your comment clearly. Don’t fall prey to news media who themselves interfere in celebrities’ lives and blame others to do the same.

Pooja Chandak

Pooja Chandak is currently interning as a Content Editor. She loves writing and is following her passion. She writes blogs, quotes, articles, poems, advertisements, etc. She is a cricket enthusiast too. A writer, a listener, and a reader are a few of the qualities she possesses.

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