Taking Break From Life Is Necessary : Reasons

Give Time To Life

Life is a continuous process and so is breathing. We have a life until we can breathe. We work endlessly without getting much rest for various reasons. But this is tiring. Having a tight schedule, numerous household chores, never-ending other works can be difficult. When we have a busy schedule, it’s hard to get out …

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Sanskrit: The Next Generation language

Indian flag

I am sure you as an Indian may have not been surprised by reading the title. We all know that our ancient texts hold some of the best knowledge in the world.  Our art, culture, and civilization are so prosperous that 5000 years ago when most of the civilizations in the world were leading nomadic …

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Nepotism and Favoritism: Not limited to Bollywood only!

Nepotism and Favoritism (1)

2020 has been hectic and not much workaholic. People said this year must be canceled. This year taught everyone a few new words which we will never forget because these words are repetitively used in the media again and again. Words like nepotism and favoritism, COVID-19, quarantine, etc., were frequently used. People whosoever watched mainstream …

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