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What Do You Mean By Survey?

The survey is a method to collect data by asking questions to the audience. There are survey sites and applications which offer you money if you fill in their survey. These surveys help marketers or advertisers to collect users’ information and know the audience better. This is a way to target the right set of people and manufacture products according to the needs of the customers.   

List Of Survey Applications In India

Following is the list of sites and applications which offer surveys and which pay you back. 

The Panel Station

The Panel Station or TPS is a different community with 5.11 million users from more than 35 rapidly rising economies around the world. These countries are India, South Korea, Nigeria, Turkey, Philippines, Brazil, Taiwan, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Colombia, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Poland, Australia, Singapore, Russia, China, and Thailand. They offer Rs.300 for 3000 points, Rs.500 for 5000 points, and Rs.800 for 8000 points. Other than that, they have sweepstakes. You can also donate the same points. It will take nearly 2-4 months to reach 8000 points. They offer 300-500 points per survey. You can download the TPS mobile app, take surveys on the website and also do surveys via Gmail. 

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iOS App store 

Android Play store

Payment method

  • Amazon 
    Amazon voucher of Rs.300, 500, and 800. 
  • Paytm
    Paytm money of Rs.300, 500, and 800.
  • Flipkart
    Flipkart voucher of Rs.300, 500, and 800.


Toluna is another site that offers survey rewards. You can follow people, you can answer polls, play games, and interact with people alongside answering surveys. On average, they offer 1500-3000 points per survey. It will take nearly 6 months to redeem the points. You can also go for the lottery. 

Payment method

Valued Opinion

The next site is Valued Opinion. You can take their surveys via emails or via their site. They pay you Rs.15 to Rs.150 for a survey and you can redeem after you have Rs.400. It will take 3-4 months for redeeming a voucher. You can also donate to UNICEF with their website. 

Payment method

  • Flipkart
    Voucher of Rs.400 or Rs.500. 
  • Amazon
    Voucher of Rs.400 or Rs.500. 

Opinions World

Opinions world is another survey site. You will earn Rs.20 to Rs.70. It will take 2-3 months for reaching 500 points. They instantly forward the voucher code and the voucher is valid for 1 year before redemption and 1 year after adding it to the Amazon account. The surveys take 10-15 minutes and they pay according to the length of the survey. 

Payment method


Streetbees is an application that offers taking small surveys which pay Rs.14 to Rs.50 for a survey. It is based out of London. You will get Rs.50 for signing up for the application. The surveys here are very short of around 4-5 minutes. There will be many surveys paid and unpaid and you can take up that. You can refer your friends too and in return, you will get a referral bonus. 

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Payment method

Streetbees only offer one to redeem which is redemption through a bank account. You need to give the details of your bank account and that account must be linked with PayPal. They transfer the payment to PayPal to your account. 


IndiaSpeaks offer surveys with emails and their site. They pay Rs.20 to Rs.100. A Sweepstakes option is also there. You can link your Facebook account to it and you will get more surveys by filling in more details. 

Payment method

They only let one redeem the amount to their Paytm mobile number. The redeemed amount is transferred to the Paytm wallet within 1 month. 


Overall, it is a good way to earn while traveling or sitting at home. Surveys are a great way to earn at least something when you have nothing. Today we all have mobile and use them immensely. It is good to use the cellphones wisely. Try registering yourself with The Panel Station or Streetbees or Valued Opinions and others. Fill in as much information as you can as the more information you give the more surveys you will get.