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You have to come back,

For everything that’s left,

And for everyone you left.

For dreams shattered,

And all the people who mattered.

For the words unsaid,

And the rumors outspread.

For the incomplete history,

And the future mystery.

~ Pooja Chandak.

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Leave, And Let Live.




Take memories.

Leave footprints.

Set benchmarks.

Achieve goals.

Cut edges.

Share experiences.

See reality.

Bridge gap.

Keep hustling.

Stay calm.

Live efficiently.

Love everyone.

Be composed.

Roam freely.

Carry experiences.

Seek knowledge.

Learn things.

~ Pooja Chandak.

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“I’ve miles to go and

Promises to keep,

A lot to achieve and,

A lot to seek.”

Pooja Chandak

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