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How To Set Up Shopify Payments For An eCommerce Store?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform or multinational e-commerce organization based in Ottawa, Canada. They offer online retailers a suite of services which are including payments, shipping, customer engagement tools, and marketing. More than 3.6 million outlets operate on Shopify and their reaching rate is high in the market. Company serve their services across the world and provide new experiences on their platform.

What Is Shopify Payment?

It is the easiest and simplest manner to accept online payments. It eliminates the hassle of setting up a third payment provider and merchant account. Having to enter identification in Shopify, with Shopify payments people can automatically set up to accept all huge or key payment methods as soon as people create their Shopify store. Shopify payment is available only to outlets indefinite nations.

Advantages Of Shopify Payments

Remove unwanted fees on transactions: This is Shopify’s tricky way to attract people to adopt their solutions and services. At the same time, it is an effective incentive.

People can use other payment modes: It is not necessary to use only Shopify payment on their application. They can pay through other gateways such as Google pay, PayPal, and many more.

Flawless Integration: It takes place right side of the Shopify dashboard. There is no need to log into another platform to check where a person’s funds are.

Disadvantages Of Shopify Payments

Shopify payment concept is not available in every country, there are some listed countries for this payment.

Chargeback fees: As per Shopify, they obtain billed $15 every time frame a chargeback occurs. People have to pay for it.

Must comply with terms & conditions of products: It means zero nudity and others, Shopify has been known to rapidly modify their mind about definite outlets with small notice.

Funds can be suddenly frozen: While they research chargeback issues or doubtful accounts inactive way. Many users are raising complaints about it on Shopify forums

Setup Cost of Shopify Payments

Shopify payment setup costs vary based on different plans. You can minimum credit card rates by upgrading your subscription with Shopify. There are different plans offered by Shopify payments.

Can Everyone Use Shopify Payments?

You may not adopt payment services for personal, household, family, and non-commercial purposes. You only use Shopify payments for e-commerce website development. For this, you are required to set up and register for Shopify payments by following the necessary steps. On the application, there are terms and conditions motioned for Shopify payments. It is a hassle-free method for merchants and retailers. As they can operate their business ineffectual and smooth manner without facing any kind of challenges.

The Procedure Of Setting Up Shopify Payments

There are four major steps for settings up Shopify payments with zero setup fees;

Select payment provider: Firstly log in Shopify account, go to the settings section in the bottom left corner, and select payment providers.

Add a provider: In accepts, credit cards section, choose to add a provider and if you want to change other providers then select change provider.

Continue setting: by default, Shopify payment has already been chosen, then proceed by clicking continue.

Complete account setup: Complete the procedure by filling your outlet and required banking-related information. Then click complete account setup and setting up Shopify payments is done.

How Does Shopify Payments procedure Funds?

Shopify payments transfer all funds to the Bank account you have mentioned on the payment providers page in Shopify admin. The account which you use to accept payouts requires to be full account checking and a current account in Ireland and the United Kingdom. You can’t get funds if your payout is below $1, depending on which currency you are using in-store. The funds are added to the next payout that reaches this requirement.

Does Shopify Payments Work with Multiple Currencies?

Shopify payments work with different currencies, international expansion is booming, and in the current scenario, buyers have lots of expectations such as a personalized purchasing experience with costs displayed in their own country’s currencies. As Shopify merchants enhance their reach to attract international users. They are noticing quickly that offering this special personalized touch raises a host of technological and operational challenges.

To address these challenges, they launched the ability to offer services in multiple currencies with Shopify payments to the plus retailers and merchants in 2019. Their selling in various types of currencies feature offers cost in that user’s own local currency, an experience that carries out via checkout. The pricing factor will automatically adjust based on foreign exchanges rate or display purchasers’ friendly costs with easy rounding rules. Shopify payment currently supports nine major currencies that are; GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD, JPY, SGD, EUR, USD, and NZD.


As per the above discussion, Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform. Due to the changes in the current market scenario or customer’s demands. The company launched the Shopify payment method for retailers and merchants as well as buyers to avoid any operational and technological challenges. There are different pros and cons of Shopify payment based on different situations. They need to adopt more market strategies to overcome from cons. Set up costs vary upon setting up plans of outlets of merchants.

They have all plans from lower to higher prices. Shopify payments concept only can use by merchants and certain buyers, people cannot use it for their personal purpose. Before setting up Shopify payments there are necessary steps involved which are required to fill, all steps include important details which are needed for setup. The company works with multiple currencies to provide a better experience to customers or users. Basically, Shopify payment is an efficient and effective concept in the market for business and also for expanding more. If you are not able to figure this out then hiring Shopify developers with experience is a good option.