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Lessons I Learned In 2021

2021 was another one of the COVID years. We had some good and some worst times. Some acquaintances lost their lives due to COVID-19. But we have gained a few things. We have learned how to adapt to the change, accept that life is uncertain, and so on. Every passing year or day or month teaches us something. So, here are the lessons I learned in 2021.

Accept your mistakes

One of the biggest lessons I learned in 2021 was to accept my mistakes. If you did anything wrong and someone points that out, accept it if you did. One of the biggest mistakes we do is not accepting our own mistakes because we don’t wanna be shamed or we are just ignorant. People accept your damn mistakes. For instance, if I know I broke someone’s phone, I would go and tell him this is what I did because the person has the right to know this. Denying our small mistakes leads to denying bigger problems and hence later, we would start blaming others for it and we won’t learn from it.

I’ve made mistakes, many of them, (we don’t share our mistakes on social media, do we?), but it’s the mistakes that have forced me into my shell, helped me mold myself, and demanded ME to be a better version of ME, as I come out of that shell. I consider my mistakes as good experiences because I’ve managed to actually learn from them, and make necessary changes. In short, Don’t shy away from making mistakes, or the repercussions that follow, embrace them.

Adapt the change

Group of paper airplane in one direction and with one individual pointing in the different way, can be used leadership/individuality concepts.( 3d render )

It was very difficult for me to learn anything virtually. I got myself into a guitar class and started learning. I did this twice and because of the lockdown, I couldn’t continue. However, I had to because of the pandemic. I did courses online and it was okay. I adapted to the change. With the passing of time, you need to change yourself. You need to grow, learn, accept and adapt to become relevant. Above all, people who were used to working physically had to adapt to the change. Lectures started to take place virtually.

Keep learning & upgrade your knowledge

Closeup shot of a young man writing on a note pad

You are never too old to learn anything. We get and feel old when we stop learning in life. Learn a new hobby or new skill. Upgrade your skills. Acquiring a new skill set is a good practice to keep your brain active and at the same time, you get to learn something you don’t. Every time you read a good book, you will learn something new. Therefore, keep learning and upgrading your existing knowledge.

Career change at any age is okay

Businesswoman jump from white origami paper airplane to red for change direction. Business Concept of changing.

No matter what your age is, it is never too late to start a new career. I remember a lady starting her startup at the age of 83. I know people who started “YouTube” at the age of 40. Forget about society, if you are willing to put in the effort and time, it is okay to go ahead and start the thing you want to. Remember, you have got only this life to live and you don’t want to regret doing things you wanted to on your deathbed.

People change & It is okay

Large group of worried business people standing in a line and thinking. Some of them are having a headache.

Human beings grow, evolve, and change. It is human nature and it is a requirement. It is not necessary to be the same old person, you used to be. People change locations, and attitudes, they get new people, and it is okay. If someone in your life has changed, ask yourself, are you the same person you were a few years ago? The obvious answer would be ‘No’. If people don’t change, they will become obsolete, and hence change is necessary.


Cute little baby playing on the floor by her working mother. Young mother with a baby and a dog, sitting on the floor and working. High angle of view.

For me, multitasking is the key. If I am doing something which requires less focus and more work, I would plug on my earphones and listen to podcasts or watch something. I want to utilize the time I have and for me, multitasking is always preferred. Moreover, people carry their phones to the washroom, ask them why!

Be Selfish, selfless, and live for self

Woman embracing herself. Concept of self love and self care.

Put yourself first over others. This is the life you have and you don’t want to waste it giving preference to people over yourself. So be selfish. Do things what you want to even though everyone is against you. Prioritize yourself over others. Don’t just survive for yourself, live for yourself. If you just keep on listening to others, not doing what you feel you should, you are not choosing yourself. So, Be Selfish, selfless, and living for self is one of my lessons.

Stop judging people

Multiple white hands are pointing index fingers from the right to the left at one set of hands. The pair of hands that are being pointed at are up in a defensive pose, with fingers to the sky and palms towards the pointing fingers.

Another lesson I have learned is to stop judging people. If someone is wearing a crop top or blouse & saree where her tummy is visible, don’t comment. Let people wear whatever they want to. Let people do whatever they want to. Stop judging people for doing anything you don’t like because it is their life and they have every right to do whatever they want to. If someone is pregnant after a few days of marriage, be okay and if someone is not conceiving, be okay. People take their own decisions and they should.

“Judging people is like tasting food without actually having it.”

Stop being dependent on others

Young woman flexing muscles in front of large superhero shadow on pink background

I have seen this at home a lot. When someone is working in the kitchen and the person left some work or didn’t clean, the other person will come and go, later will complain about the issues. If you can see there is some work left, step forward and do that work. Stop relying on that other person will do that. We become so dependent on others that we wait for them to bring food to us, we wait for them to do laundry, and much more. So, get up and get your own shit done.

Nothing is for certain

Businessman standing at fork stone pathway in water rear view

This is one thing for certain that I’ve and most of us have learned (or rather, now accepted). Life is extremely unpredictable, full of surprises and shocks, and there is absolutely nothing we can do to avoid it. The only thing that is in our control, is how we react to what life throws at us. In conclusion, you can get hit, everyone gets hit, but how you get up after being hit is what will define your true character.

“Live it, before you leave it.”

Be grateful

Photo taken in Sydney, Australia

I have always lived by this lesson. Be grateful for the people you have in your life, for the food you eat, for the things and privileges you have, and for everything. If a global pandemic doesn’t teach you to be grateful, I don’t know what will. I think anyone reading this, including me, is already in an extremely privileged position. Therefore, we all need to be more thankful to everyone around us, and not silently in our minds, but by telling people how grateful we are for their presence and contribution to our lives. Stop what you’re doing, and go do it!

I am grateful for each one of my readers who reads my blogs. Thank you!

So, these are the lessons I have learned in 2021. Comment what you learned in 2021 below and let me know.

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