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Life-Changing Habits You Should Adopt In 66 Days

Researchers suggest that we can adapt our life-changing habits in an average of 66 days. Life is the most precious thing. But we have to follow some rules and regulations to run our daily routine smoothly. In today’s world, there are certain habits to change your life that will help in improving your mental and physical health. The young generation doesn’t have time to start their daily routine on time as compared to the old age generation. This is due to the fact that the young generation is very busy in their life and in earning money. Hence they are not paying enough attention to their routine and this is affecting their physical well-being.

A year ago, I was also in the same position as the younger generation where I did not have any daily routine habits. But after some time I realized that there are some habits I want to change and really it’s the best decision I have ever taken in my life to change my habits. So why not you?

Rear view of woman with yellow jacket gazing at mountains and northern branch of Lake Como at dawn. Peglio, Como province, Lombardy region, Italy.

10 life-changing habits you can adopt to form within 66 days include

Waking up early

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Waking up early might be a difficult task but not impossible. There have been scientific proofs of the benefits of waking up early. Start slow and gradually grow. All you need to do is put up your alarm at 7 AM or 8 AM and keep your phone away from you. This way you have to get up and turn off the alarm. Hence, you can also remind yourself that this is what you planned and slept and you should do what you intended to.


A set of different exercise activities to achieve or maintain physical fitness. The icons include a person running, swimming, stretching, cycling, walking, weight lifting, doing a sit-up, a pushup, water aerobics, step aerobics, strengthening, jump roping, running on a treadmill, lifting a kettle bell, riding an exercise bike, doing yoga, using an elliptical machine, using battling ropes and performing lunges to name a few.

Exercising is very beneficial. It makes you healthy and physically fit. It also makes you happy as it releases feel-good hormones. So, do yoga, play sports, dance, go to the gym, and so on. Do whatever is feasible for you. Just remember to sweat it out.

Live and let live

Connection with nature

Mind your own business. Focus on what is there in your life rather than focusing on what is going on in other people’s lives. Therefore, remember that your life is more important than anyone else and hence you should focus on your improvement, your growth. In the end, what matters is you and your life.

Forgive or forget

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Another life-changing habit is the art of forgiving or forgetting. If someone did something to you, either forgive them or forget what they did. However, there is no point in reliving what already happened and wasting your time thinking about it.

Set your goals

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We all have some other goals in life. Set your long-term, and short-term goals. For instance, getting into any specific college is a goal of getting a job in your dream company. (My goal is to learn how to drive a car this year.)

Social media detox

Young woman enjoying nature in the mountains of Gran Canaria, Spain

This one is my personal favorite. Social media detox is a way to stay away from social media. It helps you focus on more important things in life. The process is simple. Mute social media notifications and try not to using any social media applications including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat, etc at least for 1 day. Hence, Start slow and grow steady. Refer here for more details. 

Stay connected

Stay connected with your loved ones is another life-changing habit. Calling your parents every day or thrice a week is good. Talk with your close friends and family members. It is not important how long you talk, just focus on having a meaningful conversation. Ask them how they are, and what’s new with them. Thus, Keep good people in your life who matters.

A word a day

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Learn a new word a day. For instance, learning a new word of a new language or a new word of English, and so on. This will improve your communication skills and help you in the future.

Accept your mistakes

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Accepting your mistake is a good thing to do. Some people tend to blame others and never accept their own mistakes. If you commit any mistake, accept that you did it. Don’t deny or blame others. Not accepting mistakes over time can become a habit and sooner it will make you a bad person.


Woman practicing a smile looking herself in the mirror. Self-talk psychology method by Louise Hay.

Once in a while sit down alone at night may be in a peaceful place and let your mind think. Revisit what you did whether bad or good. If something bad happened, talk yourself out of it. Appraise for the good ones. See where things could have been better. So, when I do something I shouldn’t, I talk myself out and tell myself to not repeat this and how that situation could have been better.

Even getting a dog can change your life


Changing habits makes our lives easy and flexible. Balancing life-changing habits is one that improves our mental and physical health in a positive way and will help in managing our personal and work life. So You should adopt these life-changing habits for an average of 66 days which help you to improve your life.