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Learn Best Life-Changing Good Habits To Adopt ASAP

Learning and developing new and excellent life-changing habits is an ongoing process in life. We observe other people doing wonderful things and having happy lives, and we aspire to be like them. However, we must change a few habits and adopt new ones to achieve this.

It is claimed that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and changing your habits is not difficult at all. To get started, all you need is a little prodding.

So, here are a few behaviors that I’m glad I’ve implemented into my life throughout the years. Some of my behaviors were instilled in me by my parents, while others were initiated by me.

Most Important Life-Changing Habits Is Having Meals With Your Family

Three generation family at lunch

I come from a Marwadi family and I have always seen my family members eating together. My mom eats with my aunts. My dad eats with his brothers. We, siblings and cousins, eat together and sometimes everyone eats on a single plate. It started from a ritual but now I have learned the true essence of it. What does having a meal together implicate? Why is it important? The answer is today, everyone is busy in their work-life, personal relationships, and gadget world. We don’t tend to find out time for our family. So, eating together as a family becomes relevant and became a good life-changing habit as this way you will spend your time with your family and it can just be your family time.

What we do is, either we eat on a single plate or we sit together and eat on our different plates. But, we eat mostly together. This applies to our lunch, dinner, and sometimes breakfast. Having meals together strengthens your bond with the family. Thus, try to eat at least one meal per day together if you are living with your family.

Tips For Making Family Dinners More Pleasurable

  • When it comes to mealtimes, rely on your memory and be creative.
  • Reward positive behavior in younger children.
  • Make family dinners a time to talk.
  • Reduced stress might lead to opportunities to try new foods and create healthy eating habits.
  • Make it a point to eat together regularly.
  • Give everyone in the family a task to complete before, during, and after the dinner.

Never Complaining About Food While Having It Is Good Habits

We might have heard about this a lot but over the years, We learned that this is ought to be done. So, I never ask people how food tastes and I try not to comment on it. I eat whatever is served to me. WHY? The person who cooks for you puts a lot of effort into making that dish perfect and in addition, they spend their time too. What goes into cooking is more than just recipes and ingredients. So, if we instead of complaining, spend our time complimenting the food, this will give the chef happiness. At least, don’t complain about it.

I know it is hard to not utter anything about food. But would you like it if someone took a bite of your food and say “You have added fewer spices in it? You should add more.” You see, you don’t mean to hurt someone’s sentiments. So, eat less spiced food a day. Nothing will happen. I am not saying I am perfect in not complaining. But I try to not say things like, “salt is less, salt is extra, it is too cold, and so on” Frankly speaking, I do get thoughts on this food is not tasty, shall I eat it? And second thought comes to my mind that, there are people who are sleeping on an empty stomach,s and here I am not eating the food made for me. Hence, You should adopt these life-changing habits.

Tips To Stop Complaining About Food

  • Trying new things with an open mind Trying new things and expanding your horizons may help you stop whining about eating.
  • If you wouldn’t eat too many snacks, you’ll be able to crack your habit and improve your taste.
  • Eating with your family can help you build a desire for food.
  • Timely consumption of food is good for increasing the desire for having  food
  • Take a long break in between meals.
  • Exercising and burning calories can help you have a stronger desire to eat.

Stop Wasting Food Is A Very Good Habit

(This one is related to food😛

People are dying every day because of not feeding themselves. People don’t get food, because they don’t have money. And this constant thought just keeps running through my mind and try not to waste any food I have on my plate. These life-changing habits were inherited by my mom and later I realized their importance. We are lucky enough to go to sleep with extra full stomachs. God was kind to give us a slightly wealthy family and we don’t face issues about food.

But there are some people, who don’t have this privilege to eat even a single chapatti. So, please please, and please, respect the food you get to eat daily. Thank God for being so generous to you and your family. And the least we can do is not waste any food we take on our respective plates.

Whenever I go out to eat lunch or attend some functions, I take a limited amount of food on my plate which I can eat and won’t waste. I don’t take all the food items and end up throwing most of them. And for that reason, I don’t eat with anyone else (or with someone who will definitely throw away food). So, please order or take food, that you can eat. DON’T THROW FOOD. If you have leftover food, give it to someone needy.

Tips For Reducing Wastage Of Food.

  • Plan your food and buy what you need.
  • Never judge your food by its appearance choose unappealing fruits and vegetables for your smoothies, juices, and desserts
  • Use caution when storing food.
  • Use the leftovers as a base for another dish.
  • Local food producers should be supported.
  • Instead of wasting food, share it with others.

Never Check Anyone Else’s Phone Is Also An Good Habits

Away from food, never (ever) check someone’s phone. I have this habit of not checking anyone’s phone. If someone will give me their phone unlocked also, I won’t check it. Why do I need to check someone’s phone to know something? I can simply ask them. Yes, I do check my mom’s phone because she is not well-versed with smartphones. But I don’t check my siblings’ phones. I don’t even check my friends’ phones without them knowing and usually also I don’t. I trust the people and I respect their privacy. Also, I definitely wouldn’t like someone to check my cellphone without my knowledge. But if someone wants to, they can ask me and I would be okay IF THEY ASK ME TO DO SO.

You see, there are a few things we need to set boundaries for in any relationship. I won’t like my partner to check my smartphone. You have to trust your partner. It is okay to check your partner’s phone only if you have some work to do. So, please I request everyone to stop checking other people’s phones to find some information about gossiping, and you should adopt life-changing habits. DON’T INTERFERE IN SOMEONE’S PERSONAL LIFE.

Tips for stopping phone checker

  • Maintaining a schedule will prevent you from using your phone in public.
  • Disable as many push notifications as you can.
  • Remove distracting apps from your home screen so that no one notices your phone’s screen.
  • In public, turn off or silence your phone.
  • Colors attract people, so try turning your phone on grayscale.
  • Try to use your phone as little as possible in public so that no one can pry into your personal information.

Always Remember That You Are Important

Keep yourself and your priorities before anything or anyone else. Many times, we forget about ourselves, our feelings, our needs, and our desires. We tend to put everyone else’s needs and wants before us. If you do this, I beg you to stop it immediately. But, why you may ask? The reason behind this is, that we have got this one life just like any other human being. We got to do whatever we want to do. How long do you want to live for someone else? Don’t you want to live life on your own terms?

“Remember that you are valuable, important, and adored, and also that you bring to the world things that no one else can.”

I totally get that it might not be always possible. But, if you want to put your career before marriage, do it. If you want to put your career before conceiving, do it. Don’t sacrifice all the things for satisfying the needs of others. Do something for yourself too. So, please do it to all the people (especially girls) who want to settle their careers. Convince your family. They will understand because they want our happiness. If you will do things which don’t make you happy or things which other people want you to do, when will you live for yourself? Isn’t self-love important?

Please don’t let your dreams die.

Reasons To Remember Why You Are Important

  • We’ve Come to Serve a Purpose
  • You have the knowledge to share.
  • You’ve set goals and objectives for yourself.
  • You Have the Power to Make Someone Feel Loved
  • If you’re alive, you’re important.
  • people are in life they can always be more, do more, have more, and give more.

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What Are The Benefits Of Adopting Good Life-Changing Habits?

Health Benefits For Adopting Good Habits

  • You will have more energy if you adopt good habits
  • It will definitely improve your health
  • There is a lower risk for health-related problems
  • It will help you in maintaining a healthy weight
  • You will feel proud of yourself
  • This will definitely set an example for your friends & family

Physical Benefits For Adopting Good Habits

  • It will Improve Your health
  • It will reduce the risk of serious health problems
  • You will  feel better
  • You will become stronger than before
  • You will have more fun than earlier
  • You will start taking time to care for yourself
  • You will meet new people and spend time with them
  • It will increase your confidence
  • You will have more energy for doing work
  • You and now maintain your healthy weight
  • You can become a role model/hero for others

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To conclude, all of these behaviors stem from my life, which has been enriched by my experiences. I can’t make you take everything. However, you should embrace whatever habit you come across. Adopting excellent life-changing habits is advised because it will aid in your development. As a result, treat yourself with respect and generosity. Keep your nose and eyes out of anyone’s phone. Also, please be considerate of the meals you are served.

I might do a follow-up post for the same in the coming weeks/months because someone wise said, “share good things with people as you would share bad experiences.”