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List Of All Poems/Poetry By Pooja Chandak

Poem On “Mood”

Why so rude?

Is your mood

Is there any good

About this Dude?

Poem On “Love”

Love is real

If you believe it to be.

Love is fake,

If you find this to be.

Love is life,

If it is too deep.

Love is need,

If you greed.

Love is in the air,

If you love yourself.

Love is painful,

If you get betrayed.

Love is healing,

If you get it right or find the one.

Love is waste of time,

If you don’t want to be involved in it.

Love is loving yourself,

When no one is ready to accept you.

Poem On “The Transition”

From He and she

To Us,

Time swapped.

From Miss to Mrs.

And Master to Mr.,

Time swapped.

From his and her parents

To our parents,

Time swapped.

From Yours and mine

To ours,

Time swapped.

Poem On “Don’t Listen”

They said

I need rest,

But I guessed,

I’m stressed,

A little bit messed,

And depressed.

To be the best

In this quest

Amongst the rest.

Poem On “Crowd”

Stand out of the crowd,

To make your parents proud.

Stand out of the crowd,

To make it loud,

Stand out of the crowd,

To see the clear cloud.

Poem On “Monsoon”

People want rain,

I want rain,

Land needs rain.

We’re all set, to get some rain.

You must rain soon,


The land will dry up by drought.

People will die out of thirst.

We want to use our raincoats and umbrellas.

They too desire to be, washed away by rain.

Rain is our need and we all greed for it.

Rain is our way to get rid of this hot weather.

Flowers want to blossom,

People wanna see the beauty of this world.

Peacock wanna dance.

We all desire to smell “petrichor”

We love you rain.

Just before the monsoon, and just after this hot summer, rain is all we want.

We know we don’t use water properly,

We misuse it, we waste it,

But some people are trying to make it work.

I think we must take an action,

We can’t always rely on policies and amendments.

Poem On “Life Ahead”

I’ve miles to go and

Promises to keep,

A lot to achieve and,

A lot to seek.

Poem On “You Have To Come Back”

You have to come back,

For everything that’s left,

And for everyone you left.

For dreams shattered,

And all the people who mattered.

For the words unsaid,

And the rumors outspread.

For the incomplete history,

And the future mystery.

Poem On “Payback”

The days we worked,

The nights we were awakened,

The sleep we sacrificed,

The parties we postponed,

The events we missed,

The time we used,

The hard work we did,

The pressure that built,

The coffee we drank, to stay focused,

The mobile data we unused,

The applications we uninstalled,

It’s all gonna pay back,

Sooner or later.

Poem On “Life”

Take memories.

Leave footprints.

Set benchmarks.

Achieve goals.

Cut edges.

Share experiences.

See reality.

Bridge gap.

Keep hustling.

Stay calm.

Live efficiently.

Love everyone.

Be composed.

Roam freely.

Carry experiences.

Seek knowledge.

Learn things.

Poem On World

Living for others,

Surviving for self.

Is this life for me,

Or for them?

Poem On “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”

“Exploring with a friend,

Is a trend,

Which will never end.

Because of the time we spend,

Has an amazing blend.”

Poem On “Bribe Your Tribe”

Bribe your tribe,

To make them stay,

Till your hair gets grey.

Bribe your tribe,

To do your work,

Without any perk,

Like a jerk.

Bribe your tribe,

To take the blame,

Without any shame.

Bribe your tribe,

To give you advice,

Without any price.

Bribe your tribe,

To set your mood,

By saying, “What is this behavior dude?”

Bribe your tribe,

To not call you by your name,

As it is too lame.

Bribe your tribe,

To travel or roam around, outings.

Bribe your tribe,

To talk or discuss

Bribe your tribe,

To create memories,

And entries,

Of your glories.


If you have,

Breath to breathe,

And, food to eat.

If you have,

Water to drink,

And, mind to think.

If you have,

A family to care,

And problems to share.

If you have,

Clothes to wear,

And, friends to cheer.

If you have,

The roof on your head,

And, you sleep in a bed.

This is all you need.

So, please don’t greed.

Poem On “Introvert”

Not sharing things,

Is not a good wing.

But it is my way of dealing.

And it might not be healing.

As I had fears,

All these years.

With it, I have become,

Quite numb.

But, I can’t change,

Which is quite strange.

And I can’t share,

Because no one will care.

And this world,

Is twirled.

And all the people you know,

Will show,

Without you, they will grow,

And you will feel low.

With all your shit,

One day you will quit.

Things unsaid,

Will not spread.

But let it be,

Because it is so me.

One day you will die,

With all your lie.