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Taking A Break From Life Is Necessary: Reasons

Life is a continuous process and so is breathing. We have a life until we can breathe. We work endlessly without getting much rest for various reasons. But this is tiring. Having a tight schedule, numerous household chores, and never-ending other work can be difficult. When we have a busy schedule, it’s hard to get out some “me time” or a few days of no work.

But when we get a short break like holidays or lunch break or recess, it’s relaxing. You can sleep all day long, do nothing, dine out or order in, be in your pajamas, and just chill. Sunday is off for most offices, schools, and colleges. Most of us wait for Sunday to come and a Monday to not. But taking a break once in a while is good.

What Does a Break Look Like?

A break can be in different forms. These forms are:

  • Take a break and go out alone or with someone close and do some shopping, get a massage or spa, and chill.
  • You can stay at home, doing nothing (just chillaxing).
  • Can go, drink, and dance.
  • Relax and spend quality time with your family.
  • Take a holiday and go somewhere you wanted to go.
  • You can also take a break from social media and the internet or your phone.

Let’s loosen up some time and take a break to re-calibrate our life.

Why Take a Break?

If you work continuously non-stop, without giving yourself rest or a break, you need to stop, right away. Why so? Because, whether it is a living being or a non-living, everyone and everything needs a break, to recover. For instance, we sleep at night daily, why? To get some rest and relax our mind from all the tiredness, all the worldly things, and get some peace. The same applies to non-living things (machines, animals, etc,). It can’t speak for itself, but when your phone gets heated up, it needs a break. When your pet wants to sleep, it wants to sleep only. Non-living things show symptoms in their own way when they need a break.

There are variant seasons. Monsoon, Raining. Summer, summers are hot. In winter, it is cold. These all seasons denote a change in weather and temperature. If we only get one season, we will be fed up with it. So, the season changes and we get a break from one season. That’s why there is no human life in Antarctica.

Many times, in life we get tired because of following the same schedule, doing the same work, in the same format, seeing the same faces, and all such sort of stuff. This happens every once in a while and we feel like giving up and leaving the thing in between. And this is when we need a break.

We human beings get tired of something somewhere somehow as we cannot follow one routine. We always want something new in the process of life. The same old routine is not our cup of tea. Even trees dry out their leaves and get new ones. So, we also deserve a short break from all these things and relax for a few days because we can’t stay away from it for long.

To sum up, we need a break for:

  • For Our mental peace
  • To do work effectively and efficiently,
  • To get our lost focus
  • Taking a break can help you to stay concentrated,
  • Take a break to relieve your stress,
  • Physical energy.

Signs when you need a break

  • Frequent anger
  • Lots of stress
  • No motivation
  • Health issues
  • Lack of sleep
  • Less effective result
  • Memory problem

“Worldly pleasure and worldly gains are all temporary. So, take a break whenever you require it.”


So, everything and everyone needs a break to bounce back, more energetically, more efficiently, and effectively. The break is necessary to fall back into your shoes. Take a vacation, staycation, holiday, off-day, and so on. It’s not bad to take a break from all the stuff we go through. As KitKat advertisement says, “Break toh Banta hi hai” (you deserve a break), take a break and chill because in the end it will all be gone once and forever. Always remember, break is for you and you are important and it definitely will be worth it.