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Stop Asking These Annoying Questions To Women

Questions should be asked but objectifying questions should be avoided. Questioning someone on the way they behave or act or look, is none of anyone’s business. Ask meaningful questions. Women are questioned about not wearing makeup or wearing too much of it. Women are asked to sit and walk in a certain way. Women are judged on the way they look.

No woman wants to hear this and no one should question such stupid things. Also, some questions can be demeaning to women and must be avoided.

Here are a few questions, we as women are tired of hearing:

Why are you getting so irritated? Are you on your period?

Whenever we are irritated with work overload or just tired from the work we do and we get annoyed and someone asks us, why are you getting so irritated? Are you on your period?

Periods do not necessarily bring irritation. It can be general fatigue or too much work pressure.

Why don’t you wax?

Having body hair is totaling normal. Men have it and women do too. But when we see hair on women’s bodies, it grosses people out. Why?

Hairs are natural and we should not be ashamed of having them regardless of our gender.

Join a gym. You are getting fat

Questioning women or anyone on their looks is so bad. If someone is not “as per desire appearance”, they are judged and advised to get fit.

Fitness is a lifestyle choice and we cannot force this upon anyone. Also, so many people have other issues with health and we never know what a person is going through.

“Judging someone is like having food without actually tasting it.”

Pooja Chandak

You should learn how to apply make-up

Not every girl likes to wear make-up and not every boy hates wearing make-up. I personally don’t like it even though I am a girl. I wear make-up on very rare occasions and I like that. Make-up for me is putting layers on my face to look in a certain way, that is not appropriate. If someone should like me, he or she should accept the way my face looks naturally. I don’t want to put stuff on my face to look beautiful or be accepted by society.

I still haven’t shaved my eyebrows because I don’t want to.

So, applying make-up is a choice made by individuals.

Getting followers is so easy for women

This is not always the case with women. Some women do get followers but their content is good and guys, you are the one who follows them and also put mean comments too.

There are many men who have a good number of followers on social media and most of the followers are girls. It’s all about putting your time and effort into your work.

You can cook, right?

People really need to understand this, cooking is a life skill, not a gender-based work. Most chefs in a restaurant are male but women who usually cook at their homes are treated as if this is their work. It is 2022 and we need to learn that men and women both should know how to cook for survival.

Also, I will not cook for your son. Instead, he and I should share that responsibility.

What’s the point of studying? You’re supposed to get married anyway

Marriage is not the end of the world for women. We want to work and earn money as our male counterparts are doing. Moving out of our parent’s house is enough big deal for us and we don’t want to change our entire life.

If I am studying for 20-25 years of my life, I want to work as long as I want and I can for myself because it is not men’s job to look after the monetary aspects of the family. Additionally, it is good to be independent.

I hope you can make perfect round Rotis

I don’t understand people’s obsession over “perfect round Rotis.” You should be able to eat that roti but it doesn’t necessarily be round. [Mine is never perfect or round ;)]

When are you giving good news?

Once you get married, society will ask you when are you giving good news? Firstly, Stop saying it as good news. Secondly, it is none of your business to question a woman when is she conceiving. Thirdly, why only women are asked this question? Both men and women equally contribute towards it.

Getting pregnant is a choice and the couple has complete authority over this big decision of their life because, in the end, it is their responsibility to raise the child.

Housewives don’t have any jobs. They depend on their husband’s money

It is the 21st century and both men and women must work to run a household considering everything in mind. Being independent is necessary to survive.

Start behaving like a woman

I might have been born as a girl but it is not necessary to act like one. Every individual is different and they will behave like they want to.

No one should force anything upon anyone.

When are you getting married?

Once a girl turns 25 or starts working, the question asked is “when are we getting married?” Marriage is a choice plus there is never a right or wrong time to get married.

I will get married when I want to and when I will think I am ready for it.


People, stop asking these annoying questions to women. Stop generalizing stuff and questioning or objectifying others. Don’t judge us and mind your own business.