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Things That School Should Have Taught Us

Let’s face it, our education system is terrible. It is a common saying that the most important lessons you can learn in life are not what you learn at school. Still, the same curriculum that their grandparents had to go through is being taught to our children. 

Here are some ideas for what we could do. Our education system has failed us in some way or another. No matter if we were in public or private schools, certain key subjects were not taught to us during our childhood years. 

What we didn’t learn in school was actually a major factor in our beginnings as middle adults. This is an example of what you can do with the information that you don’t have in school. Though, it can be demoralizing to not understand some key aspects of the journey to adulthood. We were there to help you get those feelings.

A compiled list with 10 things to think about when we feel we aren’t being taught well in school. So, the next time you feel like you’re falling short, remember that we don’t always know what we didn’t know. Hence, We can do better once we learn the truth.

Ten Things You Should Have Learned in School


Tax season can make your eyes twitch, even if you’re not a CPA. You will be confused by the entire tax system. It is not easy to understand the tax system. A clerical error could result in you being fined thousands or even sent to jail. Undeniably, Schools should have taught students the basics of taxes and helped them to understand the tax rates and be self-sufficient when tax season comes around.


Health, Homeowners, Car, or Life. There are many kinds of insurance that we need to be concerned about, and sometimes they don’t make sense. Itemising medical expenses. Umbrella and gap insurance. What does this all mean? Ask us. It was not something that we were taught. Is it necessary for me to briefly explain the Pythagorean theory? That’s what I can do for you. Hence, schools need to create a curriculum that prepares students for real-life situations.

Trade Schools: The Benefit

Schools made it sound like going to trade school was equivalent to having a scarlet-colored A sewn on your shirt. Why? It’s not as glamorous and exciting as a philosophy degree. Trade schools are more important than ever. These professions are just as demanding of skill and knowledge as others. Schools shamelessly ignored them. Undoubtedly, Trade schools should be celebrated for the skilled labor they produce.

Personal Finance

Banking, Budgeting, Loans, or Investing. These lessons should be given each year throughout your education. While we all know that money is what makes the world go around, what about children whose families have poor money management? As a result, it is more important to learn how to balance a checking bank account than any questionable past.

Mental Health

It was common in school to talk about someone who went to therapy or counseling. They were treated as if they were freaks for having an outlet. Mental health is vital. It is still a stigmatized subject that is being glamorized. It’s cool to care about mental health, but it won’t be until the truth is revealed. Well, It’s not glamorous when your physical health debilitates you quality of your life. Therefore, schools should teach students how to manage, soothe and regulate emotions. Your brain is also wealth.

Health is wealth.

Overall Wellness

Schools should be aware that not all people have the same knowledge or access to the information necessary to care for and fuel their bodies. At an early age, lessons and programs on your body should be taught. The most important relationship you’ll have with yourself and your body will be the one you cherish. Additionally, from the beginning, we should teach children how to care for themselves and embrace them in healthy ways.

Ownership of a Home

You have probably ever attempted to buy a home. This can be one of the most stressful and financially draining tasks. It can be very draining financially. No. We will wait until someone is in their first home before we can understand its magnitude. That’s cool, too.

Understanding Religion/Spirituality

This is for my Catholic school friends. Your schools should have shown you more about the spectrum of religions and spiritualities. It is possible for two people to value God, and themselves in different ways. Tolerance. Tolerance is the best part of human existence. Every person’s relationship with religion and spirituality is different. Moreover, every person is on a different path and this doesn’t mean that you are better or worse than anyone else.

Communication and Relationships

Imagine how much simpler life would be if we knew the communication styles of others before they did. It is important to teach children about different attachment styles. The hierarchy of needs influences how people communicate. It is important to understand the differences between verbal and non-verbal communication styles. It’s a wonderful way to express that we don’t know how to communicate. Every person’s life has led to blind spots. However, learning about different communication styles from a young age can lead to better-quality relationships.

Life Skills

While Home Economics was great, I would rather learn how to change a flat tire. Sometimes I feel a decade behind others in life. Sometimes I feel like Billy Madison. It’s just a matter of circling back and seeing if I have missed anything the first time. Children learn practical, applicable life skills that prepare them for the world they will face. While the flour baby may be cool, not everyone will have children. Everybody will likely get a flat at some point.


To conclude, there are many other things that should have been covered in school. But they weren’t. Don’t worry. We are the medium adults of this world. Because medium adults are a group of people who stick together in class trying to figure everything out, we will always try to help and teach you.