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Ways To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Everyday Life

Let’s face it, most people imagine someone doing mindfulness practice, laying on their back, cross-legged, on a yoga floor, with their hands in prayer and in complete silence, or softly humming.

Although meditation is an effective way to practice mindfulness, it’s not the only way. There are many other ways to achieve mindfulness throughout your day.

Continue reading the blog to find out why mindfulness can help you feel better and five ways to incorporate it into daily life.

What are the benefits of being mindful?

Mindfulness is a way to focus on the present moment, paying attention to your feelings, thoughts, sensations, and environment. Mindfulness can be used by anyone and everyone. It can help you gain more control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Studies show that mindfulness, mindful awareness, and meditation can be very beneficial for your body. It can lower blood pressure, increase immune function, improve mood, enhances your attention span, and reduce stress.

Five surprising ways mindfulness can be incorporated into your everyday life

  • Be aware of your body sensations and be present. You can do this while you are at work, while your eyes are closed, or while you’re moving. Take deep breaths. Inhale and exhale and focus on each breath take and release.
  • If you are running and your mind is racing, focus your attention on your feet. Pay attention to how your feet feel when they touch the ground. Then, notice how each one lifts off. Are you able to feel the cushion in your shoe or the tightness of the laces? For a few moments, focus on these things.
  • Walk without your phone. This means that you can’t listen to music, podcasts, or other media. Take a walk in your local park, neighborhood, or anywhere else nature has to offer, and leave your phone at home. Take a look at where your thoughts are going, and then let them flow through your mind. Then, just let them go. I enjoy picturing thoughts slowly leaving one ear and coming in the other.
  • Pay attention to the sounds you hear. Are there trees blowing in your wind, or cars driving by? Is it people talking or are there dogs barking in the vicinity?
  • Engage in conversation. Instead of trying to figure out how you will respond, listen to the conversation. Pay attention to their facial features, such as the color and sound of their voices. To focus on what they are saying, you should close your eyes if you are talking on the phone.


No matter what you do, no matter how small the task i.e. Washing dishes, Don’t forget to be present. Don’t just do the chores. Be present and notice the feelings that arise as you go. You’d be amazed at the unexpected things that may happen if you pay more attention to this task, even if you do it every day.

For instance, instead of listening to music while you are driving, focus on the drive itself. Have a mindful shower. Take a few moments to observe how you feel, both physically and mentally. How does the water feel on your skin? How does the soap smell? Is it hot or cold? Pay attention to the water falling. Are you feeling relaxed or irritated by the water? Do you rush to get out of the shower or take your time? Pay attention to your emotions while you go about the motions.