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What My 2022 Looked Like?

It is the last day of 2022. Each year brings new roles, responsibilities, opportunities, expectations, and experiences. All these are different for each individual.

Every year we learn something, we have a few realizations, we do something new, and we achieve something. This year, I have had some major realizations and very important lessons learned. I also have done something different and new this year.

Here is what my 2022 looked like:

Dubai trip

I took my first international trip this year (4 years after getting my passport) with my sibling and his wife. I went to Dubai in March and visited Expo 2020, Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa, Global Village, Atlantis Water Park, and Dessert Safari. It was a trip full of ups and downs but I overall did enjoy it. I want to visit Dubai again because there are a few places I missed and trust me, it is worth visiting (maybe with family).

Family isn’t everything, for everyone

One of my biggest realizations of the year was how some of my family members don’t care for me anymore. I realized people think I am a burden on them and I don’t wanna be one. I lost some key people’s support and I detached myself from them. It did hurt initially but we cannot do anything. People do change and it is the harsh truth, I need to accept.

To be honest, it’s okay to grow apart from your family because these are the people we are supposed to stick but we do not necessarily agree or connect with them.

Life is too short to be with someone or around someone, who makes you feel bad about yourself.

Some relationships are just relations with no ships.

1 Day Trip

You wouldn’t believe this, but I went on a 1-day trip. So, I and my college friends had this plan to go on a trip but my parents denied it. I was stubborn to go. My parents were in a different city at that time. So, I went with my friends but came back earlier so that my parents wouldn’t know it. So, I left at 6 in the evening of the 13th, reached Gokarna on the 14th morning, left Gokarna on the 14th evening, and came back on the 15th morning.

It was worth it because we wanted the trip. The weather wasn’t in our favor, we had booking issues, and much more. But being with the people you wanted to, makes everything okay. (My parents still don’t know about this.)


In 2022, I finally stopped using Snapchat. I was using it for almost 4 years and on one fine day, I decided to break the streaks (I had 1000+ streaks with few people) and stopped using the application once and all. I uninstalled the app. Now, I have the app but don’t really use it.

I just want to limit my social media usage and also I wanted to stop sharing things with people I don’t give a F*** about.

Volunteer work

This year, I volunteered at two events and 1 place. In September, I volunteered at a temple for Ganesh Chathurthi for a day. Too much crowd and just politely asking them to keep moving was my duty. Standing in front of God feels good and doing something.

In October, I volunteered at an event for 2 days. I was fasting during that period (Navratra) but still, I did the job and ran here and there. It was a good experience but I didn’t make any good contacts. So, I volunteered there again for 2 days and it time, I made good connections and met good souls.

Volunteering is an important activity to do because there are some things you don’t learn from your day-to-day job but these 2 days teach you a lot. It requires you to be patient, calm, and kind to people. You will be put in weird situations and people are under a lot of pressure, so someone will shout at you. But, remember, they didn’t want to be rude to you. It’s just the work pressure.


I had a few more things planned but for some reason, I had to miss a few, and others were not fulfilled. Overall it was a nice year with a few things I learned. 2023 will be again full of rides and pressures. But I am ready for it.

Wish You All A Happy New Year