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Avoid Social Media Addiction With These Tips

Why are we not trying to get rid of social media addiction when there are so many drawbacks to using it? Are we feeling like we are social media slaves and have no other way out? 

If you feel this way, don’t worry. There is always a solution. So, in this blog, I will share some tips to help you get rid of this addiction and take back your time.

There are many ways to define addiction. A more scientific way would be:

Addiction is a brain disorder that involves compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite the negative consequences. Asking a layman to define addiction, I would say that it is any behavior that renders you dependent on others to the point that you are unable to make your own decisions.

Technology was designed in such a way that we wouldn’t be able to stay away from it, and we started depending on it. We are somehow forced to stay constantly updated with what’s happening in the world, and in other people’s lives. The amount of time we spend on devices is not at all advisable. But it is a web of unconventional things to do.

You become addicted to something and you can’t stop. There are many addictions out there, including drug addiction, sex abuse, and food addiction. However, Social Media Addiction is the dominant addiction and is taking over the world like a Tsunami.

Social media and networking are now the backbones of our society. It has gradually evolved from a choice into a necessity. All of us are a victim of the desire to project a virtual image to maintain our “Cool quotient.” It is easy to get caught up in social media and project a life that we are not living. Because our brains are conditioned to believe that social media or the internet is the best way to communicate, people have stopped engaging in real-life social interactions.

The GenZ is so addicted to social media that they are at constant risk of being exploited online. Why aren’t social media addicts trying to get out of this addiction? Are we feeling like we are social media slaves and have no other way out? If you feel this way, don’t worry. There is always a solution. 


Here are some tips that I have to share with you to help you get rid of this addiction and take back your time:

Plan your day

It is a great way to reduce your social media use. You can plan your day and set aside time each day for social media. You will be able to identify the tasks that you need to complete and the time it takes to accomplish them. This will motivate you to complete your tasks quickly. Later, you’ll feel satisfied that you put your time to good use and have resisted social media.

Find a new hobby

You will have plenty of time to pursue hobbies now that you have reduced your social media use. You can learn a new skill, or pursue a hobby you love. This method has helped me to limit my social media use and has also given me a purpose. The hobby is supposed to bring you peace and calm. You are training your brain to find more meaning by doing something that is soothing and fun. Eventually, our mind will be more focused on something meaningful than surfing the web, so you won’t feel the urge to do that.

Disable your notifications

Aren’t we all compelled to check our social media accounts as soon as a notification appears? Notifications are an ongoing reminder that something is going on in the online world, and we don’t want it to go unnoticed. Notifications consume a lot of our energy and time. Moreover, we can save a lot of our time and energy by turning off unnecessary notifications.

Digital Detox

Celebrities are very fond of digital detox. It’s like taking a vacation away from all your devices and social media. Meditation is a great way for your mind and body to be rejuvenated. Moreover, it will help you gain perspective and make it easier to manage your social media use later.

Create a group and friend list

You can check your friend list to see which groups you are a part of. Filter your friend lists by removing people you are close to or who are important to you. You can see which groups you are a part of and unsubscribe from those that aren’t necessary. You’ll have fewer posts on your feed, and you will get fewer notifications. Hence, this will reduce distraction.

Enjoy with family and friends

Hanging out with loved ones is the best way to lift yourself up. This is a great way to combat social media addiction.

You won’t feel the urge to check your phone while you go out for dinner or watch a movie with your family. So, it’s always better to meet someone face-to-face than chat on social media or comment on others’ posts.

Volunteer for Social Causes

It will help you to avoid social media, but it will also give you satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. You can volunteer to help children in need, spread awareness about cleanliness, and do many other social causes. Moreover, this is a great way to make use of your spare time and end your social media addiction.


To conclude, social media is highly used by smartphone owners across the globe. People have different reasons to use it from sharing updates about their lives to staying connected with their close ones. So, it is okay to use social media but the usage must be under control.

Although there is no treatment for social media addiction, the following tips will help you to get over this addiction. These tips are only useful if you want to get rid of your social media addiction. Addicts don’t realize the extent of the damage they are causing to themselves. However, it is important that you stop using social media as soon as you begin to notice signs. It is about finding the inner strength to keep a balance. You have won the fight if the thought of not having internet access no longer dreads you.

You and only you can set your priorities and you can control how much time you should spend on the things you need to do.