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Seven Components For A Healthy Relationship

Relationships take years to build but it only takes a few storms to break them. Whether it is friendship, marriage, having siblings, parents, or any other form of relationship, a few things need to be taken care of, to Have a Healthy Relationship. There are certain components that make any relationship a healthy one. You must have at least a few of these elements to be in a good relationship.

Seven Components for a Healthy Relationship


First and foremost, Communication is the key component of any healthy relationship. Rather than hiding or not sharing things, tell whatever you want to say. Don’t hide anything. In any relationship, communication is very important. You get to know other people via communication. People know what is going on in your life through communication only. So, always talk things out.


Always and forever trust other people. I have heard about issues in relationships and most are because people don’t trust each other. Trust is built over time and hence we need to do so. Trusting other people is very important to be able to sustain in life. If you don’t trust anyone, you can’t complete a task. Moreover, trust can be built through better communication. I have seen guys and girls who are uncomfortable and possessive when their partner meets opposite-gender friends. They say they don’t trust other people. But the truth is, you need to trust your partners because they know what’s good for them.

Supporting each other

Another component of a Healthy Relationship is supporting each other. Be happy when someone is succeeding. Be there for them when they need you and even when they are failing. One of the key aspects of any relationship is that we need to support each other in order to show our appreciation. If your better half is willing to take up any skill-related classes, encourage them rather than demotivate them. Being supportive is another component of a healthy relationship.

Compromises, sacrifices, and adjustments

To be in a relationship, some people compromises, some people sacrifice, and some people adjudge. But you need to understand how and why people do it.

People say marriage is all about compromise and adjustment and somehow this is true. When you are single, you live your life according to you or your parents. But after the marriage, you need to ask/tell your partner where you are going and other stuff. You can’t always go alone and you need to take your better half with you.

Therefore, every relationship somewhere includes compromises. Sometimes you need to put another person’s happiness before you. It includes sacrificing some really important things to you and adjusting with the other people or your in-laws.

Being honest

Stay true to yourself and to other people. If you are honest if people, you will face fewer consequences later in life. Tell the truth even though you know it is going to hurt the person. Because one lie can lead to several sets of lies. If you are going out with your friends, tell them. If you didn’t like anything they did, tell it. This is the only way to have a healthy and honest relationship. So, it is always better to tell things to your friends on your own as you don’t want them to find out something from someone else.

Controlling anger

Many times we want to say a few things but we either gulp them down or we use different mediums to say them. This is the way we are controlling our anger. But there are some people who control their anger and one day it just bursts out. So, controlling anger is bad and the worst thing is our anger always comes out on someone or something which is close to our heart. And then it becomes a problem and later a regret. Hence, try telling what’s going wrong with the person who is doing it. Calm down and find another way to say things rather than hitting things.

Giving each other space

One of the most important points in any healthy relationship is giving space. People generally don’t understand that and hence arguments take place. Give your girlfriend or boyfriend or friend space when they ask for it or when you know you should. Not every time they want you to be around. They have their own lives and letting them live is necessary. Don’t put your nose in everything happening in their life. Give them space and time and they will come around if they want to.


All these components are dependent on each other in order to be applicable. But you don’t necessarily need all of these but at least some of these components will help. You should always learn and become a better person. So, try making amends and adopt any of these components for a healthy relationship as good change is always better.

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